Annette Avery's

College Graduation


Oswego State

     A big congrats to one of Dave's closest friends Annette Avery on her college graduation! Mike Sheil, Jody Dunsmoor and Billy Alnutt all joined Dave Hawthorn on the stage to rock the walls of Old City Hall today and had a kick ASS party to honor Miss Annette Avery for all her great accomplishments!

    Long time friends and family came out to do it up right! Annette's sister Anita joined husband Mike Shiel and friend Jody Dunsmoor on stage for a small set of songs in dedication to Annette. Anita lit fire under KT TUNSTALL'S - "Suddenly I see" to show us all the spark and inspiration Annette has shared with everyone who has crossed her path in life and showed us the heart and faith of family in LeAnn Wolmack's - "I Hope You Dance" Annette's family and friends are so very proud of her!!!!!

Also I would like to say Congratulations to Mike & Anita Sheil (Annette's Brother in-law and Sister)! They will soon be a Daddy and Mommy for the first time! I wish them the best and can't wait for there little bundle of joy to arrive! I thank them so much for letting me get to know there family! I always look forward to the visits!!

Take care guys and congratulations!

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