Steve Webb - I don't even know where to begin. This guy is a top notch guitar player! You play a song and this guy will put it all where it needs to be. Steve is a long time friend of Dave's, who is from Central, NY - but now lives in the Florida Keys.

Back in the day, Dave and Steve used to be the power duo of some sweet sounding music every Thursday night at GS Steamers. Playing to standing room only crowds! Both with amazing, unique and very different styles resulting in a one of a kind show. After all these years they still have the touch and have grown into well-rounded seasoned musicians - bringing sounds in from all sorts of directions, leaving you with an education like no other.

When Steve Webb comes to town - the magic begins and for one night - two wonderful souls come back together to talk about the good ole' days and bring that sweet sounding music back to life.





Dave Hawthorn and Steve Webb live at The Colonial Inn - Rome NY Webb/jojo 001.jpg Webb/jojo 006.jpg Webb/jojo 012.jpg Webb/jojo 015.jpg Webb/jojo 017.jpg Webb/jojo 018.jpg Webb/jojo 025.jpg Webb/jojo 026.jpg Webb/jojo 027.jpg Webb/jojo 029.jpg Webb/jojo 042.jpg Webb/jojo 045.jpg Webb/jojo 047.jpg Webb/jojo 053.jpg Webb/jojo 056.jpg Webb/jojo 057.jpg Webb/jojo 061.jpg Webb/jojo 062.jpg Webb/jojo 067.jpg Webb/jojo 068.jpg Webb/jojo 069.jpg Webb/jojo 070.jpg Webb/jojo 072.jpg Webb/jojo 083.jpg Webb/jojo 084.jpg Webb/jojo 085.jpg Webb/jojo 086.jpg Webb/jojo 088.jpg Webb/jojo 089.jpg Webb/jojo 091.jpg Webb/jojo 094.jpg Webb/jojo 097.jpg Webb/jojo 107.jpg Webb/jojo 108.jpg Webb/jojo 109.jpg Webb/jojo 110.jpg Webb/jojo 117.jpg Webb/jojo 119.jpg Webb/jojo 121.jpg Webb/jojo 124.jpg Webb/jojo 126.jpg Webb/jojo 129.jpg Webb/jojo 130.jpg Webb/jojo 131.jpg  


Live video of Dave Hawthorn & Steve Webb December 2004

Live @ Victors Inn - December 2005 Webb/steve.jpg Webb/steve1.jpg Webb/steve2.jpg Webb/steve4.jpg Webb/steve5.jpg Webb/steve6.jpg Webb/stevewebb.jpg Webb/stevewebb1.jpg